Authorities under RTI Act

Sr. No. Name S./Sh. Designation Designation under RTI Tel. No. FAX No. E-mail address Address
1. Suveer Sheokand Additional Advocate General, Punjab


Appellate Authority 6612222 2741826 advgenpun[dot]chd [at]gmail[dot]com Punjab & Haryana High Court Premises, Chandigarh
2. Sushant Maini Deputy Advocate General, Punjab State Public information Officer 6612222 2741826 -do- -do-
3. Shashi Bhushan Superintendent (To look after the work of the Post of Assistant Registrar-cum-H.O.O State Asstt. Public Information Officer 6612269 2741826 -do- -do-
4. Davinder K. Kaushik Superintendent (Looking after the duties of Assistant Registrar). -do- 6612271 2741826 -do- -do-
5. Amarjit Singh Superintendent. Grade II.(Looking after the duties of P.A. Legal) -do- 2746624 2741826 -do- -do-
6. Naresh Kumar Superintendent. Grade II. -do- 6612265 2741826 -do-  
7. Gurcharan Singh Superintendent. Grade II. -do- 26612268 -do- -do-  
8. Suraj Kumar Superintendent. Grade II.(Looking after the duties of Superintendent. Grade I) -do- 26612257 -do- -do- -do-
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